Sweatshorts. Women's. Type D, Version 3. Mimosa Yellow.

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Cozy, comfy, sweatshorts but not in a thick, fleece-y way. Airy and light and easy feeling.

Fabric: Super soft, lightweight Japanese loop back French terry with a wee bit of recycled polyester to help with shrinkage and give the color a vintage vibe. Loop back French Terry is a year-round sweatshirt weight; ours is developed to have a soft hand and easy drape to it.

Fit: High on your waist with a slight billow at the legs. You and your bottom are floating, giddily, underneath, liberated from the confines of structure.

Care: Machine wash this guy in cold water on a gentle cycle, no bleach. We strongly suggest you hang or flat dry our sweats. Tumble drying reduces the life of any garment and can cause pilling. You shouldn’t iron them either, but like, who irons sweats anyway?